An Ally In The Camp---An Enemy In The Camp ?

      An abused woman traded soul pieces with her mother after she became aware that the shame she felt actually belonged to the mother.  In Shamanic Soul Retrieval, we learn that one person can not use another person’s soul--and yet we may try to manage another’s pain or emotional state by taking on a soul fragment belonging to another, or, that soul piece may be injected into another.  When the sense of shame was released and returned to its rightful source through soul retrieval, an innocent child soul piece returned from the mother to the woman.  In effect, the child’s innocence was stolen and later returned when the adult woman returned her mother’s soul piece of shame.  Almost instantly, the woman’s unconscious mind believed that her mother had been kind to her and became an “ally in the camp,” the blue-print of her innocence and original soul!  The karmic relationship was healed and had no further purpose--since ultimately, healing is karma’s purpose. The cloying and pervasive sadness and shame affecting both women became an under-current for wellness and joy!!  (At the very heart of the matter, the mother did not want so disastrous a relationship with the daughter--so the seeming falseness is only that, seeming....they were both just waiting for one of them to attain the consciousness and ability to set  their relationship-karma aright....doesn’t mean they’ll be friends necessarily, hereafter,  just free !!)