Altering Unconscious


My current interest and study are techniques to alter the unconscious mind, making it an ally, rather than an internal detractor.  What a rich and exciting study!  I am creating a computer-illustrated program about the unconscious

or sub-conscious, outlining its history, both traditional and metaphysical.

Entitled  “Serving Two Masters,” I will present a varied array of techniques

to design one’s own unconscious with rational awareness.  Rather than

being thwarted by the “divided house” created by conflicts of unconscious/conscious mind,  we can work to bring those into agreement.  We can even make the unconscious mind positive where the conscious mind is negative

by going back to a pre-wounded state.  With techniques of Soul Retrieval, dowsing/clearing, Time-Line Therapy and inner child/past life methodology,

it is possible to enlist the help of the Unconscious by making it the whole

and healthy identity it was divinely created to be.  Yes!  Since the uncon-

scious is the stronger influence, it is more important to discover and deal

with its beliefs than those of the conscious mind.  Tricky, but doable!

Consciously, for example, we may think we deserve great wealth.  But if

the unconscious mind has been shaped or programmed in such a way

that it believes we should be poor, our finances are likely to be a perennial

problem.  Should the reverse be true, however, if consciously we believe

we are destined for poverty, while the unconscious plots for wealth, we

may well find ourselves with healthy bank accounts, happy to change our conscious minds!  Be on the lookout for my next work shop on this

intriguing subject!  It is the secret of The Secret.  I challenge you to see

if you won’t agree!

the way to the Way, Hope Johnson


In a nutshell--
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