If you would like an easy way to evaluate Hearthstone’s Psychic advice, please apply for a free “Hearthstone Donut.” (shown below)  It will give you a sample of recommendations to aid your health.  After trying them, you can evaluate their appropriateness/effectiveness for your physical and/or psychic health.  Simply fill out the needed information at the bottom of this page so I can send your “Donut” to you via cyberspace--no calories, no carbs!




  1. 1.What is your opportunity-drawing color?

2. What is your power color? (If you don't like these colors or think they don't look good on you, remember there is an endless array of shades and tints of every color. Find one that works for you, or just wear a little of it in a tie or scarf - see what it does for you, what results you get!

3. What aromatherapy oil would be most calming for you?

4. What is your opportunity-drawing oil? (If the oil is too strong, take care {eyes!} - try diluting it with a carrier oil - almond, olive, sunflower, corn, safflower, et. al. - if you still don't care for the oil after a trial, e-mail again and HearthStone will give you what comes up second.)

  1. 5.What is the stone most beneficial for you to wear?

6. What food would be best for you to maximize in your diet?

7. What culinary herb/spice is most helpful for you?

8.What culinary herb/spice is to be minimized?

Many of these recommendations may already be in your conscious mind or after utilizing these recommendations, you may discover their special usefulness. This implies that your unconscious mind is in harmony/communication with Hearthstone and that Hearthstone is in harmony/communication with you! Should you like further readings, more information on any of my work offerings or a personalized consultation, feel free to contact Hearthstone (hearthstonealt@sbcglobal.net).  Let me hear how “tasty” is your personalized donut!


Hearthstone Donut!

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