Hearthstone Alternative Healing Arts

     Hearthstone is an alternative healing method and company developed by Cea Hearth, M.Ed.  “I am its ‘soul’ proprietor,” says she.  “As my own soul expands, my capacity to help healing in others likewise expands.”  Currently, I am “expanding” in several ways, including a certification program in Holistic Health.*  In thinking about Holistic Health--the basic philosophy that health or sickness reflects attributes of body-mind-spirit--my work has sharpened to emphasize this basis.  My clients are those who wish to address the spiritual component of disease, as well as the physical and mental/emotional.  They are often disappointed by traditional methods of healing.


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     The Hearthstone client typically leaves a session with something(s) done to further her or his wellness, addressing all three aspects of being.  These may include:



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   Like the moon, I will  reflect to you your inner wisdom;  like the sun, I will shine

             forth new energies in your behalf! 

                                --Cea T. Hearth, Priestess/Shamana


This listing is neither complete nor confined to the heading under which it is listed.  That is, all techniques affect all three categories as implied by the tenets of holistic health philosophy. The truly bold and unique feature of my work is a pre- and post-session chakra reading done by pendulum. Clients literally see their problems expressed in the energy field (pre-session reading), and the improvements made by our work in the post-session reading.  Clients then leave with a  number of suggestions to strengthen and maintain the improved state.  These are typically a meditation prescription tailored to a particular need, something for the mind (new idea, insight, healing thought, chant) and a support for the body, like an herbal, nutritional or exercise recommendation.  No two people have the same needs, so no two people leave with the same prescriptive recommendations.  Also, no single person leaves with the same prescription twice--different times require different measures!






*Other studies and certifications held:  Acupressure and Chinese Healing Arts,

Reiki Master, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Basic Shamanism, Hypnotherapy,

Multiple Dowsing Methods, Herbal Remedies and Other Supplements to Nutrition, et. al., (body work classes, too numerous to list!)


“Come, find healing by the fire--though it is a ‘Faux’ fireplace, the healing is real!”

             --Personal Invitation from Cea T. Hearth, M.Ed.


Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Past Life Journey

Entity Removal

Chakra clearing/Balancing

Meditation Prescription

Journey to Divine

Investigation by


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tive of the





Herbal Recommendation

Dietary Supplement


Chakra Clearing/


Color Energy




Flower Essence

Chakra clearing/


Altering Unconscious

Impact Meditation


Meditation for Healing

Exploration by Hypnotherapy

      Divine    which supplies                                                  




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